A new style performer

Australian electro pop artist Silvatra, a unique and dedicated indie artist, already with online fans recognising her in the street and embracing her new style of music with positivity and enthusiasm, is proving to be a hit with a wide variety of age groups.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, arranging her own music since the age of 19, and having had formal music and dance training for most of her life, Silvatra made her stage debut in Geelong Australia in early 2012, publicly showcasing her music and has been actively involved in her music career ever since, while also working part time in non music related work.

Much of her music has been inspired by events in her life as well as by futuristic themes, and many of her tracks and her music clips have symbolism woven into them.

Silvatra appears at regular live gigs and is aiming to tour nationally and internationally and wishes to increase her support to charitable organisations as part of her artistic and social objectives.

‘My passion is to create and arrange new, original and uplifting music.
My main objective is to compose music that transports people to another world to escape their every day lives, while incorporating unusual and fresh modern sounds arranged through my personal composition style.
As I care deeply about people, animals and the planet, I hope to make a positive difference in these areas as I move forward in my life and career.’

Q&A with Silvatra:

Q: What’s important for you as a performer?
S: getting the audience excited with my performance, musically and visually and taking them
on a unique musical journey.

Q: what inspires you?
S: musically – I like quirky sounds that stimulate my ear – I like to bend the rules with music as there really are no rules. I like to change the way people listen and take them towards a new way of enjoying sound.

Q: which artists inspire you?
S: I admire many artists but I guess the ones who have inspired me the most would have to include:

Janet Jackson – for her originality and dance styles
Beyonce – she’s an inspiration and has an amazing voice
Madonna – I love the artistry behind her songs and shows
Kylie Minogue – her filmclips are classic, iconic and stylish
Britney Spears – for her catchy songs and dance shows
Bjork – as she is big on unique and original sounds
George Michael – his music was always ahead of its time
INXS – my favourite band

Q: what instruments do you use?
S: As I love electronic sounds I enjoy mainly using the synth and the computer as they allow me to distort and alter sounds as I wish to create new soundscapes.

Q: why did you call your 2nd album ‘I’m Galactic?
S: it refers to the general mood of the album with many tracks having a futuristic sound or theme about them and it is also the title of one of my favourite tracks.

Q: why do you want to perform and write music?
S: sound has always fascinated me from an early age, and so has dance
– all of my life has been dedicated to developing these skills and so here I am… doing what feels right, following my passion and being true to myself.

Q: do you write all of your lyrics?
S: I co-produce some with my manager Laura, as we work well together as a team. We each have our different talents and we also respect and trust each other which is really important.

Q: what’s the journey been like so far?
S: To achieve all of this and to be able follow my passion, my life has been fairly regimented, involving personal sacrifice and requiring strong daily focus, to allow me to achieve my goals and that is to be the best performer and producer that I can be.

Besides that… being able to arrange and create new styles of music and to also develop professionally as a person, to meet and work with other creative talents in the industry and to have a connection with fans who are showing their excitement at what I am doing on a daily basis, is for me… as good as it gets!

Q: anything else you would like to add?
S: I am forever grateful for the huge support I have received from my manager Laura and from her partner Phil.

I believe that anyone who is involved in the arts needs a lot of support, as this creative road requires continual work, dedication, new learning and self improvement to be the best you can be at what you do.

I also would like to acknowledge all of the talented and passionate people who have contributed to and who have been part of all of the Silvatra projects and also to my growing fan base who have been very supportive of my music and music clips and who give me positive and useful feedback
every step of the way.

I hope that you all enjoy listening to my music and viewing my music clips
and that I get the opportunity to see you at my up and coming gigs.

Love, Peace & Music
Silvatra xxx